Why You Should Take Pictures and Preserve Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury case has a better chance of being favorable if you have ample physical evidence to support your claim for compensation. That is why it is crucial to gather proof immediately after the incident because the scene can be modified quickly. The mind’s memory is not foolproof, and what may seem as trivial issues may actually be important evidence.

Know more about the types of evidence that are critical to varying kinds of accidents.

Personal Injury Case Evidence You Should Save

Physical evidence that should be safeguarded include broken equipment, ripped clothing, and valuable documents. For specific situations, here’s what to do:

Car Accidents

Take pictures of the site, the injuries sustained, and damage to any property, in and out of the car. Obtain copies of all medical records relating to therapy that you went through after the crash as well as a copy of the police report.

Faulty Products

If you used a defective product and was harmed, keep the offending object unaltered, including all attached items (receipt, labels, manuals, warning, and packaging.) If your receipt is lost or has been thrown away, ask the store for a copy. Defective products include appliances, cosmetics, household consumer goods, etc.

Medical Malpractice

For medical malpractice and birth injury cases, get copies of all the medical records of the case. If you sought second and third opinions from other physicians, keep them as well. If a physical injury is apparent, take pictures of them as they may prove incorrect or negligent medical treatment.

Photos You Should Take

Keeping the original scene of the accident as it was is next to impossible. Naturally the defendant will do their best to get rid of any incriminating object or setting. Take pictures immediately after the incident, like in a “slip and fall” circumstance. Photos should be clear and include minute details. They should be taken from several angles and with the time and date included.


Physical evidence and photos are powerful factors in a personal injury lawsuit. Fort Worth injury lawyers know that as the injured party, you may be emotional and disturbed. However, it is very important to retain presence of mind and preserve evidence through physical proof and pictures.

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