Pedestrians Now More at Risk on the Road than Car Drivers

Reckless car drivers and their passengers are not the only ones at risk on the road. Unfortunately, even pedestrians simply walking on the streets are put in the same amount of danger, if not more. According to the latest Governor’s Highway Safety Association report, 10 percent more pedestrians were killed in 2015 compared to 2014. […]

Investigation Finds Amtrak Safety Mechanism Not On During Accident

After a full year of investigation, it has now been found that the Amtrak train which figured in a fatal accident last year did have sufficient safety equipment which could have prevented the disaster. Unfortunately, however, this same switch which could have slowed the speed of the train was apparently not switched on at the […]

Mail Carriers Face Double the Threat from Unfriendly Neighborhood Dogs

Mailmen being chased off by neighborhood dogs have been an age-old trope in many comedy scenes. In real life, however, it’s not nearly as funny, especially when the mailmen are literally being attacked by dogs. According to reports, the number of Columbus mail carriers that have been attacked by dogs has seen a significant increase […]

Dogs Involved in Attack are From House with History of Complaints

Dogs are largely considered to be man’s best friend. However, when they are left in an environment that is less than ideal for their growth and care, what should have been a friendly canine could very well become a fatal assailant. This was the issue brought to light as a woman attacked by dogs in […]

South Dakota Woman Awarded $55M in Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson

After eight hours of deliberation, a jury has ordered corporate giant Johnson & Johnson to pay $55 million to a South Dakota woman who developed ovarian cancer after years of using the company’s talcum powder product. According to the facts of the case, Gloria Ristesund were using the baby powder for feminine hygiene until she […]

Meatpacking Industry Workers Have More Injuries Than Reported

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) believes that the decrease in injuries in the meat and poultry business is due to underreporting than an improvement in the safety policies and working conditions in the company. Although workers in this industry are exposed to safety hazards, they dare not report about their situation and exposure to occupational […]

Consumer Agencies Support Recall of Tipping IKEA Dressers

IKEA’s Malm dressers have caused the death of three children in tip-over accidents, prompting four big consumer organizations to write to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to recall these furniture items. The four groups – Kids in Danger, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union and the National Center for Health Research – have […]

An Overview of Porch or Deck Accident

A collapsing porch, deck or balcony can cause different kinds of injuries to the people who are on it at the time of its collapse. Fractures, head and spinal cord injuries and sprains and strains may be sustained by the victims, but if the fall occurs from a height, it might even cause death. A […]

4 Common Errors People Make After a Car Crash

If you are involved in a car crash, you may not know what to do next because a car crash is not an everyday occurrence and you are still in a state of shock over what happened. Although it is understandable, the court or the opposing party will not be as sympathetic. Hence, the next […]

Daycare Center Negligence and How to Deal with It

Negligence in the daycare center where you leave your child every morning can have consequences that result in either minor injuries or serious conditions and, in worst case scenarios, even death. Usually, the cause of negligence is the caregivers who do not give proper care to the children. However, there are civil laws that guide […]